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La Marquesa Mahon Aged
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Welcome to Seacrest Foods

Seacrest Foods is an international importer and wholesale distributor of specialty cheeses and fine foods operating in the United States. Located just 10 miles north of Boston in Lynn, Massachusetts, Seacrest houses an inventory of over 3000 items imported from over 20 countries. We offer the highest quality products at competitive pricing with timely delivery and service. Our product line includes cheese, specialty meats, pasta, specialty grocery items as well as chocolates, desserts and finished products. Family owned and operated, we have been servicing independent retailers, farm stands and supermarket chains throughout New England and New York since 1982.

Customer Spotlight:
6th Annual
Crucolo Parade at Cheese Shop Concord
Formaggio Kitchen

Monday, December 3rd
at 3:30pm!

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Grey Barn and Farm Prufrock
The delicate yet pungent paste of this washed-rind cheese has a beautiful, thick, soft yielding texture. Toasty and nutty with hints of tropical fruit and sour cream: when ripe this cheese has a slightly salty and savory flavor. Its delectable texture melts on your tongue

Consider Bardwell Slyboro
A raw goat milk cheese, washed in hard cider from Consider Bardwell’s neighbors across the border at Slyboro Cider House in Granville, New York. Aged just about two months, this cheese is soft near the edges and semi-firm in the center, with sweet grassy notes and a hint of apple lingering on the rind.
Firehook Crackers
Firehook crackers are excellent with your favorite cheese or as a simple tasty snack. These crackers use the fewest ingredients to give you the best flavor. The folks at Firehook believe that simple and natural tastes better. Whether you are serving Firehook crackers to your family or selling them in your natural-food store, you will impress!
Firehook Crackers
Grafton Village Extra Mature Cheddar
Grafton Village Extra Mature Cheddars are at least 5 years old. Enjoy a lush, creamy mouthfeel with bold flavors that will last on your palate.
Grafton Mature
Olympia Summer Sausage
Olympia (formerly Olympic) Provision's take on this American classic is tangy and mildly spiced with mustard and garlic, wax dipped, and completely delicious.
Olympia Summer Sausage
Massachusetts Cheese Guild
Calling All Cheese Enthusiasts!!! There are currently over 100 different cheeses being made in Massachusetts. Please log on to The Massachusetts Cheese Guild website (click the link on the logo) and become a member today. Join an already existing cross-section of members from enthusiasts to trade. Be a part of the Great Cheeses of Massachusetts Retail and Food Service programs.
Massachusetts Cheese Guild

Le Queseria Artesana Manchego