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Welcome to Seacrest Foods

Seacrest Foods is an international importer and wholesale distributor of specialty cheeses and fine foods operating in the United States. Located just 10 miles north of Boston in Lynn, Massachusetts, Seacrest houses an inventory of over 3000 items imported from over 20 countries. We offer the highest quality products at competitive pricing with timely delivery and service. Our product line includes cheese, specialty meats, pasta, specialty grocery items as well as chocolates, desserts and finished products. Family owned and operated, we have been servicing independent retailers, farm stands and supermarket chains throughout New England and New York since 1982.

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CELLARS at JASPER Alpha Tolman
Alpha Tolman is a Jasper Hill Creamery original, inspired by the classic Alpine cheeses of Europe with a modified recipe designed to showcase the cows and landscape of Vermont. Named for a turn of the century philanthropic dairy farmer in Greensboro, Alpha Tolman is a burly, raw milk, Alpine-style cheese aged 8-11 months. The wheels are washed to cultivate a robust, rosy orange rind and to catalyze the development of funky, meaty, and savory flavors that become more compact as the cheese ages in its own vault.
Alpha Tolman
CALLIE's Pimento Cheese
Spread The Word - Callie's Pimento Cheese. A staple in a good Southerner's kitchen, this simple blend of freshly shredded cheddar hand-mixed with pimentos and Callie's signature spices is every food lover's secret weapon. Whether between slices of fresh bread with a ripe tomato and crisp bacon, smothered on a hamburger, or atop your most humble cracker, this small batch pimento cheese makes the ordinary extraordinary. Available in Tradtional and Fiery.
Callie's Pimento Cheese
VT CREAMERY Maple Sea Salt Butter
The newest butter from Vermont Creamery combines high-quality Vermont cream from a local St. Albans Cooperative Creamery with pure Vermont maple sugar from Butternut Mountain Farms and sea salt crystals. This regional combination of Vermont terroir highlights the contrast of salty crunch with the sweetness of late harvest maple. This butter is cultured and churned in small batches to produce a rich, European-style butter with 86 percent butterfat.
Vermont Creamery Maple Sea Salt Butter
FRA'MANI Pancetta
Fra’ Mani Pancetta is a salted and dried skinless pork belly, made according to the traditional Italian production method of “pancetta arrotolata” (rolled pancetta). Hand trimmed, hand salted and slowly aged, this Pancetta is characterized by a balanced proportion of lean and fat and the aromas of garlic, clove, bay leaf, and black pepper. Fra'Mani's mission is to keep old world food traditions alive in taste and craft, using the highest quality ingredients from sustainable sources.
Le Guillaume Tell Cheese

Le Guillaume Tell Cheese