Cambozola Blue

This blue cheese, created in Germany in the 1970’s, is a fusion of Camembert and Gorgonzola. Cambozola is intended to appeal to those who find blue cheese a little too harsh and spicy. The smooth and creamy texture is enhanced by the subtle blue veins creating a mouth watering experience. Cambozola is produced by the skilled cheesemakers of Kaserei Champignon in Bavaria/Germany, a dairy with more than 80 years of cheese making experience. Injected with flavor producing mold during the curing process, Cambozola matures for three weeks in our special ripening rooms. At home it is best stored in a cheese cover at a temperature of 46-53 F or in your refigerator in the vegetable box. Stored in your warehouse or displayed on the shelf the temperature should be 37-43 F not any cooler. If the cheese is precut and prewrapped at store level the cheese should be sold latest after fourteen days. Cambozola is a classic desert cheese along with fresh fruits or crusty bread as well as crackers.

Milk Source: Cow
Fat Content:

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