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Ford Farm Wensleydale Cranberry
Ford Farm Wensleydale Cranberry 2/2.5lb (Cow's Milk)
Situated between the beautiful Dorset Downs and world heritage Jurassic coast, Ford Farm (Ashley Chase Estate) produces this cheddar-type of cheese. It is crumbly, firm, white with a slightly salty flavor.  Caerphilly is a nice melting cheese, aged 1-2 months.
Ford Farm Wensleydale Cranberry Mini
Ford Farm Wensleydale Cranberry Mini 12/7oz (Cow's Milk)
This cheese is highly versatile in its uses. It is ideal as an ingredient in Mediterranean style salads, or it can be enjoyed on its own as an occasional snack. Made with added herbs, selected wild berries, fresh garlic and vegetable oil. .
Ford Farm Wensleydale Wheel
Ford Farm Wensleydale Wheel 1/9lb (Cow's Milk)
True Wensleydale is firm but not dry and hard.  When sliced the surface is slightly uneven and open. It is mild and yet has a full creamy flavor which is quite unique. The cheese goes well with a crisp apple and is traditionally eaten with fruit cake or apple pie.
Long Clawson Cotswold Mini
Long Clawson Cotswold Mini 12/5oz (Cow's Milk)
Produced by Long Clawson, this miniature version of the original is available in 12/8oz rounds.

Long Clawson Stilton Apricot
Long Clawson Royal Windsor 2/5lb (Cow's Milk)
Royal Windsor combines Cheddar Cheese, Elderberry Wine and Blue Stilton into one of the most visually striking cheeses the world has ever seen. The taste combination is extraordinary with a rich, sharp cheddar flavor, strong wine flavor and pungent Stilton.
Long Clawson Stilton White w/Apricots 4/2.5lb (Cow's Milk)
One of Clawson's most popular blended cheeses - succulent dried apricot pieces add their delicate sweetness to Creamy White Stilton,
Long Clawson Stilton Cranberry
Long Clawson Stilton White w/Cranberry 4/2.5lb (Cow's Milk)
A pale creamy base cheese with obvious pieces of dried cranberries which have a rich, sweet, fruity flavor.
Long Clawson Stilton Ginger Mango
Long Clawson Stilton White w/Ginger/Mango 4/2.5lb
(Cow's Milk)
A mild white stilton cheese base with the addition of refreshing mango and spicy ginger.
Long Clawson Stilton Lemon
Long Clawson Stilton with Lemon Zest 3/3lb (Cow's Milk)
One of Clawson's first true dessert cheeses, Lemon Zest has become a great favorite combining the mildness of white stilton with the zing of lemon.
Long Clawson Windsor Red
Long Clawson Windsor Red 2/5lb (Cow's Milk)
Windsor Red is cheddar cheese made with red wine. The marbled red color is produced by the addtion of the Elderberry wine.
NYD Appleby Cheshire NYD Appleby Cheshire Large 50lb
The last of its kind,
Applebys Cheshire is the only Cheshire in the UK which uses unpasteurised milk from their own farm, and clothbinding to all the flavors to develop properly during maturing. The Applebys make a Cheshire with less acidity and greater depth of flavor than other Cheshire makers.
NYD Borough Market Cheddar Qtr
NYD Borough Market Cheddar Qtr or Whl (Cow's Milk)
These premium quality Quickes Traditional Cheddars are hand selected by Neal's Yard Dairy cheese mongers Randolph Hodgson or Jason Hinds. The cheeses will be aged 12-13 months upon arrival harbouring rich flavors and creamy textures.
NYD Borough Market Double Gloucester
NYD Borough Market Double Gloucester 12lb (Cow's Milk)
Made with pasteurised cows milk and vegetarian rennet, these cheeses will be 3-4 months old upon arrival to the States. They will be sunset orange in color, silky smooth in texture and succulent lemon in flavor. Simply deliciuos.
NYD Borough Market Stilton
NYD Borough Market Stilton 18lb (Cow's Milk)
The Borough Market is London's oldest farmer's market. This Stilton from Neal's Yard Dairy is named after and often sold at this market. This particular Stilton is hand selected by members of Neal's Yard Dairy from local farms producing traditional Stiltons.
NYD Keen's Cheddar
NYD Keen's Cheddar Small 18lb (Cow's Milk)
Made by the Keen family at Moorhayes Farm, near Wincanton, Somerset. Keens Cheddar a creamy cheddar with a softer, more moist texture than either Montgomerys or Westcombe. Its flavors are rich, nutty and earthy with a tangy bite at the end.
NYD Kirkham's Lancashire
NYD Kirkham's Lancashire Large 42lb (Cow's Milk)
Made by Graham Kirkham at Lower Beesley Farm, near Goosnargh, Lancashire. He combines curd from three days of cheesemaking to make his Lancashire. Its flavors are lemony, yoghurty and savory.  The texture is moist, rich, crumbly, creamy.
NYD Mature Montgomery's Cheddar
NYD Mature Montgomery's Cheddar Wheel (Cow's Milk)
Made by Jamie Montgomery & Steve Bridges at Manor Farm near Cadbury, Somerset. Montgomery's is a full, long-flavored cheese with deep, fruity meaty, toasted, caramelised notes and characteristically has a drier, slightly crumbly texture.
NYD Shropshire Blue Colston Bassett
NYD Shropshire Blue Colston Bassett 18lb (Cow's Milk)
Made by Billy Kevan at Colston Bassett & District Dairy, Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire. Shropshire Blue was invented by Dennis Biggins in the 1920s.  It is essentially orange Stilton. This cheese is pleasingly creamy without too much blueing.
NYD Smart's Single Gloucester
NYD Smart's Single Gloucester 7lb (Cow's Milk)
Made by Diana Smart at Old Ley Court, near Churcham, Gloucestershire. Smart's Single Gloucester is gentle, milky and sometimes slightly sweet and warmingly vanilla-like.  Traditionally, Single Gloucester would be made on the same farm as Double Gloucester.  Single Gloucester was the house cheese.
NYD Sparkenhoe Red Leicester
NYD Sparkenhoe Red Leicester 42lb
Made by David and Jo Clarke on Sparkenhoe Farm, near Upton, Leicestershire. The first farmhouse Rd Leicester in around 50 years. Its flavors are gentle, lactic and savoury with a subtle, aromatic ending. The textures are smooth and moist. Its color is deep reddish orange, contrasting with molds on its cloth rind.